Keep Your Word!

It seems in our society today that keeping your word to someone really does not matter, but I can tell you that it matters very much! People want to know that you can be trusted to do what you say when you say, how you say. Now sometimes there are emergency situations that arise and you are forced to change your plans, but if that is not the case and you are just the type of person who it does not matter to you that you do not do what you have said you would, shame on you! The Bible is clear about how important our words are. 1 John 2:5 says this: “But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that are of him.

We may expect that a non-believer might not keep his word, he does not belong to The Lord therefore he does not abide by what the word tells us we are to do. Now, that does not mean all non-believers are dishonest, sometimes, unfortunately, they are more honest than Christians, sad, but true. However, we as believers are held to a much higher standard, we, after all, are representing Christ to the world.

Numbers 30:2 “He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.”
Psalm 89:34 “I will not violate my covenant or alter the word that went forth from my lips”
And a favorite of mine which simply says this. Matthew 5:37 “Let what you say be simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’: anything more than this comes from evil.”

What if Jesus did not keep his word, what if all the things he said he would do he simply did not? Where would that leave us? He could have said: These people are not worth my dying a horrible, painful death on the cross. I will not send the Holy Spirit to help and guide them. They are on their own, happy landings to all!

I have a friend who is always telling me she wants to see me, go out for lunch etc., when it comes time to actually do it more times than not I get a text message near the time telling me she cannot make it. I know this means she has found a more exciting thing to do. I do not think she has plans to drop me like a hot rock last minute when we first make the plans, she just cannot pass up what seems to be something more exciting. Is it hurtful – yes, it is! My flesh wants to lash out at her and hurt her, but my heart makes the decision to always walk in forgiveness knowing that I am in need of forgiveness from my Lord daily, also, I tentatively look forward to it and do not fully allow myself to get too excited until it actually happens, this eases my disappointment a little. I love my friend and I know not to get my hopes up to high, I hesitantly get ready waiting for the text to cancel to come through, and happily, go meet her if it does not. We always enjoy good conversation and laughter, and I am always thankful we had time together. Obviously, there are emergencies that happen and we just have to cancel or back out, but those are few and far between for most of us.

This is just a small sample of not keeping your word and how it is hurtful, there are much bigger things at stake at times, much deeper hurts to be had. I want people to know that if I say I will do something I will follow through, even if I might wish I had not made the offer or promise. If I really do not want to do something I say ‘no’, although my family thinks I am too much of a yes person. I enjoy people, I enjoy serving people so saying yes and meaning it is easy for me. Unless there are circumstances beyond my control I follow through.

Think about who you want to be, remember that others are watching us, especially non-believers, and our children, they watch intently what we do and say. Teach them well to keep their word, to be an example to others of how we are to be different, set apart, honest in all we do and say. We all fall short, but most of us get that next chance to do it right. If you really do not want to do something say ‘no’ when asked, otherwise show up or follow through.

I am so thankful Jesus followed through with all he came to do. He did not change his mind, even when the pain was unbearable. His “yes” was the best “yes” ever!