Seeking For This Day

Matthew 6:11 says “Give us today our daily bread.”

We need to ask for our portion, portion of what you might be wondering. Well, I think it encompasses a few things, the most obvious being our daily supply of food, water, clothing etc. We all have just enough that is needed for each day for our bodies to be healthy, our minds to be sharp and focused, our energy to be sufficient for each task. Is there anything else we have need of on a daily basis? I can think of a few.

I need enough faith to walk through whatever this day holds. When I awaken I have no idea what lays ahead of me, before the end of a day I could receive some bad news about health, family, friends. I could myself be in an accident or someone I love could. Illness could suddenly come upon me or someone dear to me, and the list could go on. All these things require me to have enough faith to trust that God has all of it, He will not leave or forsake me during any of these situations or hurts. Hebrews 13:5 “Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.” What comforting words.

I have had moments where I have wondered, where are you God in this situation? Why is this happening to me? I don’t like it and I do “NOT” want to go down this path. I am afraid. And in those moments God steps in and reminds me that the faith I have is the faith He has given me, and if it were not enough, I would receive more from his hand. We serve a gracious and giving God. He knows our every need, even down to the size of our faith.

I also need enough joy for the day. Let’s face it, some days are just hard. Not in the something horrible has happened or I got bad news like I was talking about before, but just a bad day where multiple issues have come against me, some large some small and I just feel tired and unhappy. That is when I need the ‘joy of the Lord” to be in me, running over into my everyday issues. Joy is not the same as happiness. Circumstances dictate our happiness, but joy is something rooted deep inside of us, it has come from the goodness of God who has forgiven us of our worst sin to our least sin. It comes from the deep reservoir of our faith walk with Christ. On my worst days, I still feel an overwhelming joy in my heart, knowing I am not alone and that God can and will see me through, no matter what the circumstances.

I also need enough wisdom for the day. We live in a media-frenzied, social world where we see and hear so much stuff 24/7. Nothing seems hidden anymore and much of it can be overwhelming, especially if you are not grounded in God’s word and have the wisdom and knowledge his word gives us to decipher what you hear. There are all kinds of religions, teachings going on and we need the wisdom to know when we hear something that goes against God’s true word.
The Holy Spirit enables us to hear and understand. He grows us in wisdom and knowledge, when we spend time reading God’s word and letting it sink deep into our hearts and minds. I know I have heard many “a flake” on TV and the radio. What they said simply had no meat to it and just enough truth to confuse a weak baby Christian.

Well, I can think of several more “daily bread” things, but I will leave you to gather your own and thank God that we always have “enough” of all the things we need. [Not Want] God is in the business of growing us, leading us, showing us himself, if we look closely we will see him in everything, even the mundane. This makes my heart glad, my joy rise and my faith stronger.
In other words [enough]. Blessings!