Hidden Word

Psalm 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Here is the question, “Have you hidden God’s word in your heart?” I don’t mean have you read your Bible, attend a Bible study, read a scripture today, I mean really hidden it in your heart. It is the very heartbeat of your heart, God’s word leading and guiding you every day in each and every circumstance that you find yourself in?

So often we think “I’ve got this,” I have read a scripture today, checked it off my list and I am ready for whatever comes my way. Seriously, you are not! Sometimes the storms of life come so hard and so fast that it takes your breath away, you feel as though you have been punched below the belt. When this happens your five seconds of reading will not hold you and guide you or help you. You may not even remember it. No, we need to get down to the business of reading God’s word, meditating on it, getting to know him with a heart knowledge and not just our heads. We need to let it absorb into the very marrow of our bones, so that when a storm arises in your life,(and it will,) you can stand firm on God’s word. You can see clearly that he has been faithful and will see you through.

The question is asked in Psalm 119:9 “How can a young man keep his way pure?” And then the answer is given in the very next part of that verse, “By living according to your word.” People do not live right because they do not know what is right. They have not dug into God’s word and let it shape them, mold their thoughts, corral their hearts. They chase every form of pleasure looking for that something that will satisfy and all the while it is right under their noses. Nothing satisfies like Jesus, nothing lasts like Jesus, nothing can help us like Jesus.

I want to know God fully. I want my heart to beat with every word that he ever spoke and gave to us. Because when I do, even when life hurts us, beats us up, confuses us or whatever, we can stand firm, knowing that God is working it out on our behalf, he hears our cries for mercy and longs to answer us and be gracious to us. He is a good God! If we do not study his word we can tend to forget that. Life is hard, sometimes it rolls over us like a freight train and other times like a gentle wave.

As I see and hear almost every day now about another school shooting, or murder I am reminded that when you remove God from everything, you can expect nothing less than chaos and evil to take over, for a time mind you. God is still sovereign, He is still in control and he is letting the lusts of our flesh play out until He says enough!!! One day He will return, and those of us who know him have no reason to fear, but for those who do not…you need to be very afraid!

My pastor spoke about how we have forgotten the need to fear God. Yes, he loves us, yes, he came to save us, yes, he is good to us, but He is HOLY! We forget his holiness and think we can just do as we please, even as Christians, not so my friends not so. You may think you have gotten away with it, but even those things done in secret are seen by an all-seeing God. A Holy God.

When you really comprehend his holiness and how he hates our sin, it will change the way you think and do. Hide is the word in your heart, eat the manna in front of you and be filled to overflowing. Jesus is coming, it could be today, shouldn’t we live like it is?