Such A Good, Good Father

Here it is Father’s Day 2018, and we all have the opportunity to tell our dad’s if they are still living, how much we love an appreciate them. I am sure there are lots of celebrations going on even as I type this. I can tell my husband Happy Father’s day and my son and son-in-law, which I have and I also told a few friends at church, but the one person I cannot tell is my dad. He has been in heaven since 1990. I try really hard sometimes to imagine what he might look like now. He would be in his eighties, but all I see is the middle-aged man who was laying in the casket looking as though he was just taking a nap.

For nearly all of his life my dad was not what you would call a good man. Yes, he went to church every time the door was open. He was the choir-director and had a booming awesome baritone voice. He had a laugh that could be heard from far away. An easy smile and loved a good joke. He to date was the strongest person I have ever met that never lifted weights. His nickname was Samson at his work. And a very hard worker.

He always worked hard to provide for our family of eight. He was still working three jobs at the time of his death, always going on very little sleep. He was driven by the demons of his past. See, my dad had been in church his entire life, but not saved until just three years before he passed away; while sitting in church, (insert smile here.) See, he was good at the church thing but had never repented of his sins which were many and by anyone’s standard, really bad. He had several affairs on my mother, whipped his kids until they bled, with whatever he could find and was verbally abusive and sexually abusive, and a litany of other things. Yet, I loved my dad. Hated the things he did, but chose to look at his good qualities. I used my Jesus eyes my grandmother had taught me about. What are those you ask? Well, it is when we choose to see the offender through eyes like Jesus. We hate the sin but love the sinner and we pray for them, oh how we pray.

I did just that, I prayed hard for my dad to be truly born-again before he left this earth and praise God he was. The difference between the old and new man was like night and day. He longed to be like his Father in heaven. He would think about the old man and it hurt him so very much to think about all he had done and had no way of changing. His I am sorry, in light of the offenses seemed like too little, too late, and for some it was. However, I am sorry is all that was needed when he knelt down and said that to Jesus, I am sorry, truly sorry, forgive me, save me. God did just that, at that very moment in less than a second my dad became a born-again believer bound for heaven. Sound the horns and bang the drums! My prayers were answered and I am eternally grateful. I am looking forward to heaven and seeing my dad again.

And although I have thought about my dad today, not the sin, just the good that was there when one chooses to look. He was a sinner, like me and you. I have thought more about my heavenly Father. Wow, He is something else. He is so very good to me. Always on my side, always fighting for me. He never remembers my sin, once I repent it is gone as far as the East is from the West! He provides for my every need and so many of my wants. He walks with me through every second of every day. He even sent a perfect sacrifice to die in my place. He knew that I could not and would not keep the law, I was going to sin because I was a sinner at birth. He listens to every word I speak to him and gives me the desires of my heart. He never leaves me and He never forsakes me. His intent toward me is good. And right now he is making sure my forever home will be completed when I need it. When this earthly body fades away, I will move in and live with him forever.

My Heavenly Father even knows how many hairs are on my head! Oh, He is such a good, good Father. He thinks of everything and makes sure all that I need in this life is at work in me through His Holy Spirit. He remembers that I am but dust and has mercy and grace overflowing in my life; it follows me all the days of my life. My Father heals me when I am sick and holds me when I am sad. He can answer any question that I can come up with. He does all of this and so much more while holding the entire world in his hand. My Father knows the names of every star…and the number of grains of sand on every beach.

Oh, I pray you know him if you do not, now is a good time. I love sharing my Father with anyone and everyone. There is always room in his family for one more. Don’t worry that you are not good enough, he is a “come as you are” kind of Father. So, I cannot tell my earthly dad Happy Father’s Day today, but I can tell my Heavenly Father “Happy Father’s Day.” I can praise him for he truly is a good, good Father, worthy of my praise and adoration, above all else that has ever been or ever will be! I can say thank you for saving a wretch like me and for saving my dad. Isn’t he wonderful, isn’t he amazing?

Thank you, Father, for your love for me. Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins, for loving me when I am unlovable and for always, always being by my side. I love you!!!

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