The Treasure Beneath

Beneath what, you may be wondering. Beneath the cover of your Bible, that is what. All the wisdom of the ages, all the answers to our prayers, needs and wants. All the life-giving healing words our Lord spoke, everything is beneath that cover. Do you open it and read it? Absorbing all the wisdom it contains. Do you let it sit and gather dust, an artifact of times gone by? Do you tell others to search its pages while you simply glance at it in hopes of getting enough for the day, the year even?

From the first words “In the beginning,” until the last, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” Amen. Its pages are filled with real people just like us with real hurts and disappointments. Men and woman of extraordinary faith, and others of those struggling to believe. There are murders, liars, cheaters, haters, adulterers, prostitutes, kings, poor folks etc. It seems that whatever we experience today was happening back then, just like Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” In other words, even though times and seasons change, men and woman still wrestle with the meaning of life, and that human nature never changes. We are born sinners all of us and we struggle with the same issues that plagued those that have gone before us.

Each of these people of old Adam, Eve, Noah, King David, Solomon, Bathsheba, Job, John, Paul, Luke, Thomas…the list goes on and on had to make choices, life decisions. They worked and ate and loved just like we do.
These very real people had to answer the question about God, belief, following, surrendering, obeying and dying to name a few. They did not have these holy scriptures in their entirety as we do. They did not get the privilege of looking into the lives of these holy saints as we do. They had a few parchments that held the word, and the testimonies of their forefathers were passed down through the family. But we have it all, everything he wanted us to see and know is under the cover between the pages of our Bible. If it were not enough there would be more. There are no new revelations out there, so do not be fooled.

God did not have to include the bad stuff. He could have only given us all the good stuff, the best Christian’s with the best outcomes, and we would constantly feel as though we are falling short and walking in disappointment and unfulfillment. But instead, he included the bad, the ugly, the dark secrets of these people to help us when we walk through similar situations. And we do walk through them, some more than others. Whatever you’re going through now, there is an answer in his word. The same sins we commit today are the same as those of old, such as lust, greed, fornication, rebellion, lying, cheating, adultery and murder, shall I go on? You get the picture, same stuff, different people.

The wisdom that comes from God is poured through the pages of our Bible’s. The heart of God revealed before our eyes. The life-giving, active word of God is powerful and unchanging. It had the power to change lives then and it has the power to change lives today. We, or at least I can identify so well with so many. I see and hear myself as I read these stories in God’s word. But as I read my heart begins to hold tight to what I am reading. It starts to hear that still small voice teaching me, guiding me, disciplining me, helping me. Things that once seemed too hard to handle, too difficult to surrender, to terrible to forgive, really don’t matter so much anymore. Only Jesus matters his love for me, his saving keeping power, his forgiveness. My life sold out, fully surrendered, walking with God, reading and obeying his word takes precedence and all else simply fades away. He helps me through those situations that give me cause for pause. He understands my heart and meets me at my need. The Holy Spirit ministers me as I read and meditate on his word.

There is life in his word…it has the power to change you…it is still as living and active as it ever was…he is still the same God…still all-powerful, all-seeing, full of wisdom and knowledge…still living…still coming…still Holy and worthy of all our adoration and praise. If we do not read his word, pray and seek him daily, we will get too busy with life and find ourselves drowning in stuff that threatens our joy, our hope. No, nothing can steal our salvation, but our joy, our hope can be taken from us. When we do not read God’s word, suddenly the storms of life seem bigger than God. We need his word to help us properly see life through Him instead of Him through life and its struggles.

Why don’t you dust it off, open the cover, read his word, breath in the fresh aroma of the Holy One? Give him access to your mind and heart. Yes, he can do it without you ever doing a thing, but he invites us to come, sit at the table and feast. Feast on His word, learn of him, gain the kind of wisdom that goes deeper than your head, wisdom that drops into your heart. Will you come? Are you hungry and thirsty? Do you feel you just cannot go on another day? Then read it, ask the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes and your heart to receive this life-giving transfusion that will change you forever!

Listen for his heartbeat as you read with eyes wide open. Need a starting point, the beginning is good or you can read these words as a prayer first.

Psalm 119:18-19 “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. 19 I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me.”

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  1. Great post! If we, God’s people would simply realize, He is speaking His word into us when we read, study and meditate on it. The Bible is as the old song says, “Beautiful words of life”.


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