Who Are You Representing?

Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Most people work, some at jobs they get paid to do and others work hard at jobs they do not get paid to do, but if you are an adult you work every day in some capacity or at least most do. It can be anything from a homemaker to a CEO, to the top of the line, the President. Each person has tasks that need to be done in a day, each person’s task affects someone else in some way or another. Nothing is done for self, although at times it can feel that way.

It is not what you do, but how you do it. What is your attitude to your work? Who are you representing moment by moment in your work? If you are a believer, then it should be our Lord. People are watching you more than they are the non-believer I can assure you. They are just waiting for you to mess up and lose it. It is not the messing up that they particulary want to see, but how you handle it. Are you one of those people that lose their cool, maybe even throw about a bit of profanity? Maybe you have been talking to your non-believing coworkers about Christ and they are mulling it over, wondering, watching, waiting and then you lose it, throw a fit, say a few bad words etc. Well, all the talking in the world will not change someone’s opinion, we can talk until we are blue in the face, but how we live, how we react speaks volumes to them.

I cringe when I hear people say they are believers with one breath then turn and curse with the next. Yes, we all have a sin nature, we all mess up from time to time, I get it! However, should we not at all times remember who we are representing? Shouldn’t we at all times do “ALL” we do as unto the Lord, for his glory in a way that pleases him? No matter who else is watching, even if we are alone, God is “ALWAYS’ watching and listening. Do you grumble and complain all the time, are your actions that of someone frustrated and mad all the time? Do people that work for or with you dread speaking with you?

No one was ever afraid to approach Jesus. Think about it, he walked and talked and conducted himself in such a way that he was always approachable. He did not come across as being arrogant and above others, He did not get mad when people surrounded him and questioned him. He knew that He was representing His Father in heaven and how He did it was everything!

If you have a job, career, something you do either at home or in a public place then it is because God has put you there. You are an ambassador for Christ. An agent of the Most-High God and how you do your work and for whom you do it is everything! Even the lowliest of duties that people can do can be done with a joyful attitude as unto the Lord. Even a mother home with children, washing clothes and dishes day after day the same routine without co-worker conversation can choose to do it with joy and in a way that pleases the Lord, representing Jesus to her family in all she does.

We are not on this planet alive, still breathing, going about our business, our work for self. Yes, it benefits us, it gives us the money we need. It enables homes to run smoothly, but ultimately everything is to point to Christ. Maybe up until this point you have not had God on your mind when working, somehow you thought it was just for you and how you did it did not matter, but now you know it does. It is “NEVER’ too late to start over. You can go to the Lord and ask him to teach you His ways, how He wants you to conduct yourself and I promise He will. You can go back to work with Christ in the forefront of your thinking, and start making an impact for him in all you do, not with words, although sometimes those are important, but with actions.

Represent Him well in what you do. Whether it is family or professionally.
Go about your day with an attitude of joy, expecting God at every turn. Mom’s when you are folding what seems like the millionth load of laundry, offer up praise for it. When you CEO are speaking with employees, conducting meetings, do it in such a way that people notice there is something different about you. Let joy be evident in your face and voice, speak to people as equals and not in an arrogant way.

People respond to kindness, people all over the world are searching for that something that is missing, they have that hole in their souls that need to be filled, be the one who prepares the soil for the seed in word and action, God will do the rest! He will then send another to drop the seed in, another to water and so on. We all have a part to do. God does not need our help, but he enjoys when we are usable and He allows us to participate.

This is Labor Day 2018, a good day to purpose in our hearts to aim to please God when the workday starts back up tomorrow. Start doing it for the One who did it all for you, represent the Lord well!

God Bless!