Binding Our Wounds

Jesus assures us in scripture that if we will just give him our hurts, and our wounds that he will bind them up. Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Doesn’t that sound like a great deal, we get to relieve ourselves of the pain of the broken heart and the wound and give them to him, he doesn’t just take them, he binds them up, heals them. What is binding? According to the dictionary, it means this: “a strong covering or an obligation that cannot be broken.”

I cannot tell you how many wounds I have had to go to Jesus about, sometimes I seem to go about the same one. Is Jesus like so many of us, He wants the matter gone and over with. Yes, and no I think. Yes in that He wants the wound to be bound up and the broken heart healed because he knows that if we continue to carry these burdens we cannot be whole. If we look too long at them and not enough at him, soon they are the idols we bow down to. He knows that we cannot make sense of the wounds that have been inflicted and we walk around with a confused heart and mind. And worse of all there are so many who walk around with unforgiveness in their hearts and all of these things rob us of our self-worth, but most importantly a right relationship and fruitful prayer life with the Lord.

On the other hand, I think no because Jesus is not like us in that He never tires of our coming to him and asking for help. When we realize that it just isn’t over for us, that our wounds are still seeping, Jesus longs for us to come and talk it over in prayer with him. He already knows the condition of our hearts and understands that for some the walk to forgiveness and overcoming is much longer. He won’t rush you.

Jesus tells us in Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Believe that you have it. How often do we go to the Lord asking for help, healing, understanding, but we are not really sure we will receive those things?
Depending on how deep the wound could be the reason we are not sure he will help us; on the other hand, sometimes we are like toddlers and we do not want our dirty diaper changed. We have gotten used to the smell and discomfort and would rather not go through the process of changing.

The wounds that my dad left in my life and the wounds that were left by others guilty of the same thing were hard to let go of. I wanted my broken heart healed and my wounds bound, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure who I would be if I let it all go, would he just get a free pass? My grandmother was always guiding me and encouraging me to go to Jesus about whatever I needed to, to talk to him as I talked with her or a friend. I am a firm believer that we need to get alone with God, totally alone where we can pour out of hurts and hopes to him with a loud voice. Not because he cannot hear a quiet prayer, but often it helps to keep our minds focused and engaged. I can remember the prayer place I found and I talked over everything with Jesus it remains one of my fondest memories. I received so much healing in that field where I poured out my pain and allowed the Lord to heal me.

My grandmother did not know at that time the hurt I was going through, but being a strong woman of faith she encouraged me to seek God always in all things. I loved her so much and wanted so desperately to emulate what I saw in her life. She always had such peace and contentment and I wanted and needed that! Her face radiated with the love of the Lord.

God is a gentleman, he doesn’t just rip things out of our hearts. He allows us to come and lay our burdens down at the pace right for us. He certainly could, but he doesn’t. And although one person may seem to be moving along faster than you please do not worry about it, your time will come. As you seek him and you give him your broken heart and ask him to bind your wounds he begins the process. Sometimes there seems to be more pain involved as you go through the process of having your broken heart or your wounds bound, as you look the at the hurt with your heart wide open and without anything between you and God, the squeezing until all the pain runs out.

The most freeing thing you can ever do after surrendering your heart to the Lord and receiving salvation is to let him have all the hurt and pain you carry and allow his sweet Holy Spirit to bring your healing about; to drop forgiveness in your heart and move you from a wounded warrior to one who is fully whole and moving forward. Ask and He will be faithful to do it! Seek him and you will find him, forgive and you will be forgiven. God is waiting, will you give it to him today? I promise there has never been a baby sorry it had a clean fresh diaper on…you will not regret the letting go and binding up…let the healing begin my friends!