Come And Dine

John 12:21 “Jesus sayeth unto them, come and dine.”

What an invitation, we are invited to come and dine with the maker of the universe, the King of Kings our Savior and Lord. No other invitation that you will ever receive carries with it such a weight of excitement and joy, or at least it shouldn’t.

Jesus extends this invitation to all who belong to him, this is not an event where you sit separtated at the back of the room with people who are just onlookers, no, this is an invitation to sit at His table, to eat the food He has prepared for you. It implies a nearness to our Lord. He has set the banquet table with all the finery one could ever long for and He himself will sit with us and eat with us.

What does one usually do when out with friends for a nice dinner? You laugh, you talk, you eat and share fellowship. Jesus wants us to fellowship with him. To see that we are apart of the entire equation. We are not a last minute invitee, we were chosen for this fine dining since the beginning of time. He wants us to feast on his word, that brings life and healing. He wants us to commune with him in prayer so that we can be molded and changed into bodies fit for heaven. He wants to show himself to us in ways that only time together can bring.

We have the opportunity daily to dine with the Lord, to pull up our chair and speak frankly with him. We can unload our deepest hurts, rejoice together in the victories of life and lean in close and breathe in the fragrance that is God. His is a sweet-smelling aroma, one full of justice, mercy, grace, love comfort peace, help, healing and so much more.
I don’t know about you but I need a full measure of those on a daily basis.

Imagine this table you are seated at. It has the finest linens, the most delicious food, nothing is denied to you. You can sit, eat until you are running over full. Even though the table is crowded it is as though it is only you and He, eating, laughing, crying, sharing. No matter what else is going on He is intimately acquainted with you and every word you say is important to him.

If we spent more time at the table of the Lord and less time in places we do not belong and should not go, we would not feel like we are deprived or rejected so often. When we choose this worlds menu over that the Master has prepared we are simply cheating ourselves. The food does not satisfy and our souls long for more. Not so when we sit with Jesus, we look intently into his face and lean in to listen. We never go away sorry we came.

If you have not taken the time to accept the invitation to “come and dine” with the Lord, start today. Crawl into a comfy seat, recline and start feasting on the word of God. Call out to him in prayer and suddenly life seems brighter, easier, more joyful. Sadness cannot remain when you feast with Jesus, sooner or later the dark clouds will roll away and you will find yourself filling up and maybe it is then that you recline in the Lord’s arms and just be. Contentment like nothing you have ever known is yours when you do.

Happy eating my friends enjoy the Lord this day. The invitation has arrived, will you go?