But, I Don’t Like Him/Her

Romans 13:1 “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”

We like to think that we had something to do with the people God puts into power. It is our choice, but really it isn’t. Oh, you may have voted a certain way, but the truth is you voted God’s way. God puts people in places of authority, he chooses who he wants for such a time as this. He has always been the chooser of King’s and Queen’s, rulers and presidents. Nothing has changed, He still dictates all the authorities that are in place today. All the way down to judges, priests, pastors etc. It is God’s doing. I am confident of this, is no one showed up to vote somehow God would still get his person in the position of power He desired they be in, He is God, He is Sovereign!

God allows us to participate in the choosing, we vote or do not vote according to our conscience, but our conscience is controlled by a higher authority, the highest authority actually, God, our Father and the one who created us. When people think about God’s Sovereignty they somehow think it stops at us, not really sure why, because by the very word “Sovereign, which means: possessing supreme or ultimate power.” Well, God is the ultimate power!

Having said all of that, I really get upset when I hear people disrespecting the people God has put into power, whether I like them or not, I keep my mouth shut! I may or may not have voted for them, but I see this as my responsibility as a child of God first and as a citizen second. God tells me to be subject to the governing authorities, I am to respect them, obey the laws they hand down. The only time I am given permission to not obey is when man’s law tries to make me disobey God’s law. Then I bow to the highest authority, God.

People today, Christian’s included think they can trash the very ones God has chosen to carry out His agenda on this earth. Just because we do not understand the process, the why of who He chose doesn’t change the fact that He did choose them and He is using them for better or worse, whatever He so desires for this time. We as Christian’s should be the first to show respect to those God has put into office. We should be the leaders in lifting these people first in prayer and also show respect for the office they hold. Yet, I hear Christian’s all the time slamming this person or the next. Personally, I have a healthy fear of the Lord, not in I am afraid of him, but I know that He is God, He is holy and just, He is righteous and perfect in all His ways and He has decided and placed and I need to remember that!

I choose not to talk about politics, I choose not to read emails sent to me slamming some particular person in the office they hold. I just won’t do it! I am not perfect by any means, but when I see that God himself says this is the guy/gal for the job, then I simply watch and pray. WE NEED TO BE VERY VIGILANT TO PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE GOD PUTS INTO OFFICE, WHETHER IT IS OUR PRESIDENT, OUR VICE-PRESIDENT, THE SUPREME COURTS, THE MAYOR OF OUT TOWN WHATEVER EVER, WHOEVER THEY MAY DO AND BE.

We forget that not only are people watching and listening to our behavior, but God himself is watching and listening to us. I think it must sadden him to know that we can trust his sovereignty in most areas, but in the area of who He appoints to lead and judge, we somehow think He missed the mark. It doesn’t stop him, no, God does what God does because He is God. We can learn the heart of God by reading his word, but I agree there are times when although we are not sure and cannot fully understand just what He is doing, we can trust that He is faithful, He loves us, He is fulfilling His purposes and He will take care of us through it all. In other words “GOD’S GOT THIS!”

So, the next time you may be tempted to roll your eyes at or make a comment about something the people in the offices of our government or even our churches are doing, or you feel you must share some nasty email or gossip, remember who is really in charge and button your lips…bow your head…and pray for that person and trust God!