Have you ever considered how truly perfect Jesus had to be? I mean we know that he was, we have heard and read that he was the Lamb without spot or blemish, the one who never sinned in all his thirty-three years.

What is the definition of perfect according to the worlds standard and our dictionary?
perfect -adjective 1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
ideal, model, without fault, faultless, flawless, consummate, quintessential, exemplary, best, best example, ultimate

perfect -verb 1. make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.

As you can see this is a pretty high standard to live up to. As we read through Genesis-Exodus-Leviticus we get a clear picture of the laws, methods of worship, sacrifices and all the other stuff the Israelites were to keep. The absolute holiness of the offerings they were to make. The animals had to be as perfect as they could get them. Certain animals for certain things. Even Aaron the priest had to be dressed just so, and his sons with him. The ark and all that went with it built to God’s specifications. There were serious consequences if things were not the way God said they had to be. God was teaching them about his holiness and that they were set apart from those around them who did not know their God. They were to keep the Sabbath holy, working six days and resting on the seventh. God left nothing to chance, every facet of their living was given a set of rules to follow.

It is too much to write, but if you have not read the Old Testament recently you should. These people struggled to live right and God himself was with them leading them and teaching them. Moses often spoke with God and told the people what God wanted and expected. These were high standards to abide by. If you did not live according to the laws given death was the answer to the problem in many cases.

So, here we arrive at Jesus, God’s son. The absolute most perfect sinless person to ever walk this earth. He was so perfect that he met every requirement necessary to die for our sins as a spotless lamb pleasing the God the Father. It was not that he came to earth for a few seconds and died, no he lived and walked this earth for thirty-three years. Sinless! I am pretty sure I cannot make it through a day without committing several sins. You? He grew up working beside his earthly father Joseph learning the family trade. He had brothers and sisters. He went to school and church. He laughed and ran with friends all the while “NEVER” sinning. Wow! I know it, I believe it, yet when I read through the long lists of you can do this, this way, but not that etc. I am blown away. My mind is just floored by how perfect Jesus was.

I know so many people who do not see how very holy God is. They say Jesus is my friend and he is, but he is still God. He is still Holy. He still expects us to live according to every word in this Bible. We are to model our lives after him in every way possible. How are you doing so far? Here is the thing, we cannot do it, we must be born-again. We must repent of our sin, turn from it and let Jesus be Lord of our lives. We must submit daily to his will and reject our own selfish carnal natures. When we get saved the Holy Spirit comes into our lives and starts the process of cleaning us up. Replacing those old desires with God desires. We are being sanctified by the precious spotless blood of Jesus. His righteousness now ours. When the Father looks at us he sees the blood of his son, his “PERFECT” son and we are accepted.

I don’t know about you, but that excites me. To think that my filthy rags are washed so white that the God of the Universe calls me his own, all because of one tiny drop of Jesus perfect sinless blood. I cannot be perfect, I do sin sometimes knowingly, yet God sees me as sinless. I no longer carry the mark of the condemned in my body, I bear the name of the one who died for me. His mark is on me and I am accepted. I can go freely to the throne room of heaven and speak openly with my God, I no longer need someone to do it for me. I need not fear death, because I know I am forgiven. I can freely approach the Holy of Holies and speak with God about anything. Goosebumps people, that is what I am feeling.

No, we are no longer under the laws, Jesus fulfilled all of that, but it is good to go back read through it and realize just exactly what Jesus did and who he had to be to buy our freedom. It is truly ‘AMAZING GRACE.’ On our own, we cannot, but when we are full of Jesus, we can, we are, we will and we do all those things needed to one day stand before the Lord and hear him say, “well done.”

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