Psalm 119:60

“I made haste, and did not delay to keep your commandments.”
(Psalm 119:60)

What is it that motivates you to hurry, to get excited and be on your way? Is it a lunch date with your spouse or friend? Is it a day shopping? Do you love to play sports and so you get excited at the prospect of playing a good game with your teammates? There are so many things that make our hearts happy and our feet to hurry. But I wonder, are we as quick to obey God’s word? Do we eagerly look for ways to be obedient? Do we deny the flesh to obey or do we get grumpy or defensive or slow when we feel that prompting of the Holy Spirit when He says, “go this way,” “do this,” “don’t go there,” “talk to that person,” and so many other things we know he is saying to us!

How often do we know the right thing to do, yet we do the opposite? Assuming as a Christian, you have read God’s word, you know what he tells us we should be doing, what his word says about our conduct. “The Ten Commandments” are in the book of Exodus, chapter 20.
Each of us is guilty of breaking them, if not in our actions then in our minds and hearts.

But God’s word tells us how we are to treat one another, how we are to live and act. His word tells us actions and behaviors we are to have as we walk this earthly path. Sometimes the Spirit will prompt us to go help someone we are not in the mood, but know in our hearts we need to do it. We will stall and take our time, trying to find a way out. We don’t want to be bothered, so we go when it is convenient for us when it costs us the least, and no joy or haste in our actions.

I want to be that person who “hastens to obey.” I want to be listening in my spirit for that prompting to move into action. Yes, it often means it is not a good time, I am tired, I really would rather not, but obeying God means more than my comfort. Loving and doing as Jesus did costs us something. Knowing that at that moment I am doing the Lord’s bidding causes me to get excited and even find joy in the task however difficult or taxing it may be. I want to be an obedient child of God.

Jesus loved sacrificially, he obeyed all that his heavenly Father told him to do and he “hastened” to do it. He was not bitter or bothered by all that he had to do. When people came and were hungry to hear him, even though he was tired he taught them, healed them, loved them.

Where are you in this journey of “hastening?” Are you the I will get to it later person? I am so tired of doing this person? The let someone else go/do it this time? Or are you the one who wakes up and saying “Here I am send me?” God, let me do it, please?

I believe that not only does it matter in obeying “The Ten Commandments” matter to God but every day, moment by moment obedience matter to God. When we walk out our faith and love as he did, God responds by pouring out blessings in our lives that are too great for us to contain.
Simply put I think God smiles when he sees his children eager to do his bidding, just like we smile when our children obey us when we first tell them to do something, especially if it is something they really would rather not do, but pleasing you matters more than what they want.

I pray that each of us will get excited about doing those things God calls us to and we will find ourselves hastening to obey!

Blessings to you!