Better To Know

Reading through Luke, I came upon these verses, (17-21) where Jesus warns the disciples about spiritual pride.  The disciples were very excited about the power they had over sickness and evil spirits.  Demons had to flee when they rebuked them in Jesus’ name. They had seen great results as they ministered in Jesus’ name.  Jesus warned them to be careful about being too prideful. They needed to be more excited that their names were written down in heaven. Satan was also very prideful and it went to his head, he rebelled and was cast out of heaven because of his pride and desire to be like God. Jesus said in verse 18 “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”  He goes on to tell them that He has given them authority and power to perform the miracles they were doing.” (verse19) They could do nothing on their own if He had not given them the power they could not do the miracles that they were doing.


These verses also point us once again to the Sovereignty of God. Unless God enables us to do the kingdom work we cannot do it effectively. He by the Holy Spirit enables us to do great this for his name. This removes any sense of pride we should feel at anything we do for him. Heaven is not just for the elite, the smart ones, the prettiest or most handsome, God’s word is for everyone. We come with only our wretched selves to God. No great work here on earth can gain us entrance into heaven. We must be born-again. We trust solely in God’s grace to get us into the Kingdom, our works are nothing.


We all have equal access to God. The mega pastor on TV has not got a better spot in heaven or a great work they have done that has marked their spot in the Kingdom, as a matter of fact, so many of them are so caught up in self and how great they are they may find themselves hearing these words, “depart from me I never knew you.”  Scary isn’t it. To think that people walk around supposedly doing the work of God, yet their hearts are far from God.


We go on to read in verse 22 these words; “All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and those to whom the Son (chooses) to reveal him.” Wow, that takes out any sense of pride that “you” decided to follow Jesus. You would not have decided to follow had he not already started the work of regeneration inside of you. You did not call yourself, you did not save yourself and you cannot keep yourself saved. No amount of good works will get you into the Kingdom of God.


If you find yourself giving yourself a big oh “that a boy/girl,” you may want to take time to rethink the pride you are feeling and repent. Jesus warned his disciples about their pride if he thought it important to warn them than we need to take notice and check our motives. It truly is better that your name is written down in heaven than any great miracle or work you may be able to do.


If you are chosen to be the conduit by which God heals another or even drives out evil, or spreads the word of God in ministry, thank him that he has chosen you to be a child of God, walk humbly through the “mine field” and “mind field” of pride and do not let yourself think too highly for it is by His power alone that you have been enabled to do such.