Today is Thanksgiving Day, and I have been busy since around 6:30 am. Cooking, preparing, drinking coffee, and enjoying homemade muffins. I have a roof over my head, warm clothes on my body, shoes on my feet, and a place to lay my head at night. I am so very blessed that I cannot measure all my blessings.  My sweet husband is beside me, and I can reach over and touch him at any moment.  I have joy in my heart that this world cannot understand. Is life perfect right now, no it is not. But my circumstances do not dictate my joy, for my joy comes from the peace of knowing my Lord and Savior, and I can choose either to be happy or sad, I will choose to be happy every time.


I walk this earth and enjoy all these things because I have a heavenly Father that has provided them for me.  I have never done anything on my own to merit such gifts; they are all from his generous hand. He called me to salvation, and now I am his child, and for that very reason, I am supplied with all I need and more.


I am so very thankful for my family and time with them. I have seven grandchildren that are healthy and such a joy to be around. I have been blessed to have a wonderful husband who is the head of our home. He is purposeful in his actions and desires to love me as God has commanded him to, and he does it well. He is the priest of our home and I am always learning from him, and going deeper into scripture because of his time in the word and how he shares with me all the insights he gleans from scripture and time alone with God.  We pray together daily before we start our day and that alone draws us ever closer in our hearts and souls. He is my soul mate and friend, the head of our home and the content of my heart.


As I listen to the sounds of family around me my heart grows warm. But when I stop and consider that all of this has been given to me by a loving God, my heart is overwhelmed within me. My life is a gift in every way. Not because bad things have not happened, because they have. Not because I have not experienced deep loss, I have, not because every day goes great, it never does; but because I have an eternal peace within my heart and soul; a knowing that God himself directs my steps and lights my path. God himself chose me for this life I live and walks with me daily through it. If I never receive another blessing I have had mine to the full so many times.


I see people all the time walking around bemoaning everything.  No matter how much they have they still are grumpy, greedy and unhappy. Their joy meter is running low, thinking about counting their blessings only makes them think of all the stuff they do not have.  I have a suggestion if you woke up this morning and you are healthy…start there! If you are a child of God…no brainer… that is the biggest thing to be thankful for…start there! If you can walk to a closet and get clean clothes out…start there! Do you see a pattern here? If you stop and look around you, you can begin counting your blessings, they are right before your eyes.


I hope you are blessed on this day of thankfulness. I pray will lean in close and say to the Father thank you for salvation, for forgiveness for the newness of life in You.  And remember you would be nothing and have nothing if it were not for the kindness of a Good, Good Father. I will leave you with some verses to ponder as you go throughout your day. Blessings to you and A Very Happy Thanksgiving!



1 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”


Ephesians 5:20 “Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”