Use What You Have

In Acts 9:36-41 about a woman named Tabitha (Dorcas). She was always doing good, making clothing for those in need and helping the poor however she could. She became sick and died, her body was washed and placed in a room. All the people who knew her and had been blessed by her help were crying and mourning their loss. When they heard Peter was near they sent for him and asked him to come quickly. When Peter arrived he was taken to the room where Tabitha (Dorcas) was. Everyone was showing him the robes and clothing she had made and given them, overwhelmed with grief. Peter sent everyone out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. He looked at Tabitha (Dorcas) and said, “Tabitha, get up.” She opened her eyes and everyone rejoiced greatly at her being made alive.

As amazing as this story is in the raising of someone dead, I want to focus on what it was about Tabitha (Dorcas) that made her so special and loved by so many. Tabitha (Dorcas) used the talents she had been given to help in the way she knew she was gifted to make the lives of others better. She did not go look for another gift, something that maybe seemed greater to others, she simply went about using her “God-given” talents to help and show love. Have you ever desired to be more talented in another area rather than the one God gave you? We are all made unique and it takes all of us to make this world function and move forward.

There are many things I wish I could do, but the truth is I am not gifted in those areas. I am happy to help out and learn from others, but where I excel is in serving, cleaning, homemaking, encouragement & prayer. I call it the grunt-work category. It does not bring all the glory my way, I am not held up and marveled at, but I know that the gifts I bring can help in many situations. I can make someone else’s job easier by being a behind the scenes person. I love people, all people. Small, large, happy, cranky, funny, grouchy, red, yellow, black or white. It does not matter. Everyone brings something different to the table and each of us is made better and stronger by the encounter if we take the time to look and listen.

My daughter always says she likes my helping with parties because I follow directions well, I do what I am told quickly and efficiently. I do not try to talk her out of what she has planned, I just do as I am told the way I am told and try to make her job easier, effortless; and when it is all over I am the first to jump in and clean it up. Getting my hands dirty does not hurt my feelings. I always say working up a good sweat is good for you. I volunteer at my church helping in the setting up for dinners and the teardown. If I am asked an opinion I give it, but otherwise, I just do as I am told and I am happy to do it. I am a good multitasker, which is also a great help.

My gifts may not seem like they are very glamorous and in truth, they aren’t, but they matter greatly to God. He is the one who gifted me with these particular gifts and gives me the privilege to do them often. I love doing those things he brings my way and I always remember that the gifts I am are from him and I do them for him. It brings a certain amount of joy to know that my “Father” is watching and making sure my attitude and my heart are in the right place. As long as he gives me health in my body and breathes in my lungs I will do those things with my gifts he gives me to do and I will do them with joy in my heart and a smile on my face.

If you are not sure what gifts you have prayed about it. God will reveal those areas that he has gifted you in and can open up ways for you to do them. One of my greatest joys is serving my husband. I love to fix his meals, lay out his clothes and keep our home nice so that it is a haven of rest for him after a long day’s work. Maybe it seems silly to some, but I feel it honors the Lord when I honor my husband and care for those things he has given us.

I pray that if you currently are enjoying the gifts that
God has given you that you do them with a new understanding of who gave them to you, who is watching you as you do them and you will purpose to please him in all you do! You may not be brought back to life, but you will be most blessed by a God who sees and loves when his children do all he has given us to do.