Nothing Too Small

Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might not by power, but by my Spirit, says The Lord Almighty.”

Zechariah 4:10 “ Who despises the day of small things? Men will rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.”

So often, we wish we were doing bigger, better things in life and ministry. We look around and see others that are working at high-paying jobs, and have a big house, and all the toys that go with it, or we see someone who is ministering in a way we wish we could. They seem to be doing the things that bring notice to them; they can get things done for God. So often, people believe that you have to be tough or strong, unbending in your approach to survive in this world, and sometimes even in ministry.

What if I told you these things are not true. Look at Zechariah verse six above…God tells us that it is by His Spirit that things get done. He decides, and makes it happen. If there is anything of lasting value in this world, it is by His Spirit. All too often we think small things we do or achieve do not matter, but I tell you they do.

As in verse 10, we see that the older Jews were upset that the temple that was being rebuilt would not match the splendor or greatness of the one King Solomon has built. They thought that smaller meant somehow less than to God. God reminds us in this verse that we need not be upset about the smallness of our gift or work we bring to something. ANYTHING we do for God matters and He is in the little details. Those details are often overlooked by others. Being bigger and better does not always compute the same way in God’s economy as in ours. God rejoices when we do what is right… no matter how big or small it seems. God delights in our obedience and willingness to do the little things we see need to be done.

Maybe you do not have a big high paying job, a fancy house, or lots of toys, but you minister to those in need, you share a meal, you take someone to the Doctor, you show up on time, and do what is asked of you at work or in your church. Maybe you wash dishes after a church social or volunteer to sit with the littles so someone else can have a break. Maybe you get the mail and take it to the door of an elderly friend. It is the attitude with which we serve and do that matters to God. He sees even those secret things that no one else notices. There is not one tiny detail that can escape Hid all-seeing eyes. And God rewards you for those seemingly small insignificant things done for Him.

We need to be satisfied with what we can do, what we bring to the table of need. We need to be faithful in the small things God gives us to do and maybe God will bring a big thing our way, but if not, rejoice that He chose you to do whatever task, or work He has given you to do, and do it with joy in your heart and to please Him above all else. Bigger is not always better…it is just bigger : )