Ephesians 3: 14-15, For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
15 Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.

Many times when we read through scripture we come across a verse that causes us to stop and think, this is one of those verses for me. What does it mean? Well, we know that God created everything, he is the head of everything, and he has chosen to demonstrate his love towards us by adopting as sons and daughters. And if we are his sons and daughters then he
is our Father. He is the prototype for all fathers. All things stem from him. He is the pattern for our earthly fathers. He loves, he disciplines, he helps etc. He shows us the proper role of the family.
He is both are the literal father, as he created us, and our spiritual Father, at least for Christians, because we have been born again into his family. For non-Christians yes, he is still their father
he created them, but the father they obey is their spiritual father the devil.

The church as a whole is God’s extended family, (the church being those who have been born); because we are descent from God it affects our nature. We model ourselves after God
and Jesus Christ desiring to be more like them. We can trust our Father to always be with us and to guide us through until the end. He never leaves us and his intention toward us if for our
good. God formed the family, obviously family is important to him. He has given us the model by which we too can have the earthly family life we all desire.

I take great comfort in knowing that God calls me his own. I have been hurt and disappointed in my life by my earthly father, his intentions toward me were not always good, often times they
were very bad, this was at a time before he was born again into the kingdom of God. When my earthly father obeyed the call upon his life and surrendered his heart to Jesus everything about him changed. He no longer obeyed his father the devil and as a result, he began to have the nature of his Father God. It was an amazing thing to see how radically different he was; he was so
changed that he himself could not believe how he had behaved before his transformation in Christ.

When we are born again and become children of God we go through the process of sanctification and justification. When we are sanctified we are declared Holy and when we are justified we are made righteous in God’s eyes. God is Holy and righteous and we become more like him every day. When the devil looks at me he sees a person that he cannot have. Yes, he may be permitted to aggravate me from time to time, but he can never have me!
I am the daughter of The King, He calls me His own, I have been bought with a price and it was a mighty high price that was paid.