Unpacking Hebrew’s 10:26

I decided to write concerning this verse because I have had discussions with those who feel it is saying that a true born-again believer of Jesus Christ can lose their salvation. Not so my friends! Once you have been born again, you stay that way! in John 10:29is says: “My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my hand.” and Hebrews 7:25 tells us this: “So he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”
God the Father did not entrust our eternal security to just anyone, He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, the spotless lamb to die for us, once and for all.

This passage is speaking about Apostasy, those who have heard the word, received it with gladness even. They are enjoying the religious excitement all around them. They even participate in church services. Go to classes, here the word and believe it…up until the point of salvation, being truly born-again. And for whatever reason, they stop coming, they stop wanting to be around God’s people, the word no longer excites them and they just wonder off, back to their lives doing the things they have always done and there is no change, no repentance, they reject the truth they have heard. Their spiritual high as it were is over, the things of God do not matter anymore. These people have the head knowledge of Christ, but it never moves to their heart and becomes true faith. They may even be aware of active sin in their lives, but it does not cause them to take the next step. Judas Iscariot is a good example of this. HE WAS A TRAITOR, He was with Jesus and the disciples, Yet although hearing the word and loving to be around Jesus and the others, He did not take the final step of allowing his knowledge to become his faith.

Once they haved turned from the truth, completely renouncing the gospel and its plan of salvation and with full knowledge they reject Jesus, and choose to willfully and continually sin; the Apostate has now rejected the only way to eternal life, Jesus, and so they have no sacrifice to cover their sin, and they will die in their sins, they cannot be saved and they will never experience eteranal life with Jesus in heaven. Their’s is eteranl damnation forever.

To be clear; a diliberate Apostate if different than someone who falls into sin and walks away for a while. The Apostate is someone who after hearing, completely rejects the gospel and turns away. And an Apostate is different than an unbeliever. Because some unbelievers are unbeelievers because they have never heard the gospel. The Apostate has heard the word, and totally rejected it. He has seen and experienced moments with the Lord, yet wants nothing to do with it. He has tasted and yet refuses, willfully to go any further.

Well, I hope this has helped. I suggest you study it for yourselves, I am not sure my feeble attempts to shine a light on this verse is what it needs to be. If you ask for wisdom, He will give it!