Wonderful And Frightening

Psalm 139:5-6 “You hem me in–behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me. 6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.”

We are hemmed in by God. Nothing we think or see or do is not known by Him. This both excites me and makes me a little unsettled and afraid. When I think I am alone, He is there. When I sit by myself and I am simply thinking, He hears and knows my thoughts. When I am in conversation with another, He already knows the words I will say, either good or bad. If I turn to the right or left, I run into God. I am His child and He is always in front of me, behind me and beside me. I cannot escape His gaze. Everything I do, every place I go I take God with me.

I am thrilled to know that my God, the lover of my soul, Savior and King never leaves me. He is always watching out for me. In good times or bad, he is my constant companion, giving advice through the Holy Spirit, comforting me in pain, walking with me through life’s ups and downs. I do not have to worry that He won’t be there when I call to Him. Yet, it is a little disconcerting to know that He is “ALWAYS” with me. There is nothing I do, nothing I say or think that he is not privy to. I am laid bare in front of him. Even those secret thoughts that race through my head is seen and known by God. He is everywhere at all times. I cannot escape him if I turn to the right or left he is there if I go forward He is there if I turn around “HE IS THERE!” Does this give you cause for pause, it does me.

Verse 7 of this same passage says this: “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? Have you ever wanted to flee from The all-seeing, all-knowing God? I have! Especially when I knew that I was not living right. I wished just throwing covers over my head would do it, but no such luck! It made me squirm to know that He was with me, seeing and hearing every detail. Yet, loving me anyway. Wow! This omnipresent (everywhere at all times) God, who is omniscient (knows everything) loves me in spite of me.

Verse 8 of this passage says this: “If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” There is no hiding from God. This should be a sobering thought for you if you are his and you are actively pursuing sin. You know you shouldn’t, but you are hoping he will have his head turned, not gonna happen!

So, you can see why I find this both wonderful and frightening at the same time. When I am living my best life in Him, doing and saying those things that please him I feel good knowing He sees me; just like a child who wants their parents attention when they are behaving well or performing some great thing, I want my heavenly Father’s eyes watching me, being proud of who I am in that moment, but when I know I am not living my best life, sin has crept in even in some small way, I am hoping against hope that He is occupied with another child and not paying attention to me until I get myself back on track.

I may feel alone at times, but I am not. I can even feel my prayers are not going any further than my rooftop, but none of these feelings make it fact.
The fact is God loves us at all times. God is with us even when we feel alone. God hears us when we pray. God answers our prayers. God will never forsake us. God knows what we need, even when we do not. God watches even in our rest. God walks with us through hard times. God never turns his back on us. God will always call us back from sin. God never leaves us as we are. God does allow good and bad, highs and lows in life and so on…

How awesome it is to know that the same God who spoke this world into existence, is the same God who called me to salvation, walks with me each day, keeps me, and will eventually take me to heaven. Not one moment will he let me flounder alone on this earth. I can take that to the bank! When I am wrong he disciplines me when I am right, I believe he smiles at me and says “Well done.”

If for some reason you are feeling really alone right now, I can assure you either you have moved in the wrong direction or the enemy has got your ear and told you that God does not care, does not love you and He has abandoned you…Just remember if the devil’s lips are moving, HE IS A LIAR!

Thank Him for His all-consuming, all seeing, all knowing always present love!