The Pleasure of His Will, Good Pleasure, It Pleased Him…

This phrase is tucked into these scriptures. Ephesian’s 3-10

God because of the pleasure of his will, decided that he wanted to save me and you. Before we were even a thought in our parent’s hearts and minds, God decided I would be saved. I did not do anything, there was no moral compass set in me as to the direction I would take. As a matter of fact, I was already going to be a sinner at birth. My status was just that, a sinner. I could not speak yet or do anything on my own, I need constant care from my parents.

He longed to save us and had already decided on the how long before he breathed life into Adam. His will, a mystery as to why he would do such a thing. Even Adam’s sin was designed by God. Without the presence of sin, we would have no idea how great grace really is. He decided before the earth was formed to create a people, made in his image that would rebel against him. He knew that when the heavens were formed Jesus his only son would be the ultimate sacrifice. Blood had to be shed, and Jesus spotless blood was it. There would be no other way. No other god to run to. He is the only true and living God.

Until God called my name at the time he decided, and my spiritual ears and eyes opened to the truth of his word, I was lost in my trespasses and sin. No hope, bound for hell. But God stepped in, called my name and I repented and was born-again. He made known to me the mystery of his good pleasure which he purposed in Christ. Anyone who has been born again is a child of God, just like that, it is a done deal. All without our help. I don’t know about you, but this is mighty good news. So much so that we should share it with others.

We cannot earn our salvation, we cannot do anything to deserve salvation, we cannot buy salvation, it is a free gift given to us because it pleased him to do it. God is delighted when one of his children turn from sin and run to him. I think all of heaven must rejoice when this happens. I am sure the angels must marvel at it all. Why would a Holy, Righteous God, desire to save a wretch like me? Knowing me, I am pretty sure I would not have stepped in and saved me. But God did, and he did it because it pleased him to do so. He chose His son to die because it pleased him to do so.

We see other references to the words: “it was the Lord’s will,” or “God was pleased,” or “by your will.” God is sovereign over everything and everyone. Nothing is outside of his reach his desires. So many times we want to insert ourselves in the doing, but if it were not for God it would not happen. If you decided today you wanted Jesus, then it is because he had already begun the process of calling you. You can take no credit.

All I can say is this, I do not know why he called me, but I am so thankful for this free gift of salvation that I could not gain on my own and the keeping power of Jesus Christ. I am awed and amazed and humbled that he chose me. I pray my life is a testimony of the saving power of Jesus blood. I pray I walk worthy of the calling he has given me, no matter how small or grand. I pray that my words, my actions, and my thoughts please him. I want to be a living sacrifice in all I do.

Isaiah 53:10
Colossians 1:19
Revelation 4:11

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