Holy Moments

Do you ever pause and realize that you are having a Holy moment in the middle of the ordinary? We do, and we can see them if we pause and take it in.  I am having one of the Holy moments right now. My ordinary day is experiencing a Holy moment.

Just a little while ago I heard the news that an urgent prayer request had been answered. My heart has been rejoicing in praise and gratitude as I passed this good news along to those who have been fervently praying.  I am sitting in my sunroom listening to the pouring rain and have been doing my Bible study for today.  As I was enjoying God’s word my husband turned off the Christian show he was listening to and came and sat in a chair nearby, he too reading God’s word.  I had this overwhelming feeling of God’s presence with us. God in this room flooding my heart with joy, gladness, and thanksgiving.  

I had already written in my journal how thankful I am for this roof over my head out of the pouring rain, I have thanked him more than once for answered prayer, and I had thanked him for being such a good, good Father to His children.  My ordinary day has suddenly become a “Holy Moment” kind of day, the kind where my heart feels centered, and my thoughts are made clear. 

In the Bible, there were often times when people experienced Holy Moments that forever changed their lives. We can read in the book of Exodus about Moses and the burning bush. (Exodus 3:2-6) This Holy Moment changed his life forever. In another place, we read where Zachariah had a Holy moment with an angel when he was told his wife would conceive and have a son in their old age and that their son would be full of the Holy Spirit even from birth. (Luke 1:11-20) But probably one of the most known Holy Moments is when the angel appeared to Mary. She was just a young girl going about her daily routines unaware that her life was about to radically change forever, and that she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus, God’s son who would save His people from their sins. (Luke 1:26-38)

There are many more instances in the Bible where, and an angel of the Lord visited people, but can we today have Holy Moments with God, those that we know He is near and with us. Maybe it is nothing as grand as having an angel drop in to make an announcement, or the Lord to suddenly appear and speak audibly to us, but I believe we can experience His presence in the ordinary moment of life and they suddenly become Holy.

I personally have felt these moments on more than one occasion. A few times it has been when God has done the impossible for me and I feel as though he has scooped me up into a giant bear hug or kissed my face. Other times it is just a sense that He is in the room with me, not just in my heart, but almost as though if I could peer long enough into the air I would catch a glimpse of him. Have you ever had one of those moments?

I can remember as a teenager standing on a rock behind my home that overlooked my grandparent’s home. It was fall, and I can still see what I was wearing as I stood on this rock in the chilly air looking out. I was heavy in heart about something and was not really even praying, just looking, maybe even longing for something. But all of a sudden a huge breeze started blowing, and my hair was whipping around. I put my arms straight out and leaned back as the wind blew on me, and I felt the Lord’s presence, I felt as though he was blowing healing, refreshing wind into my soul and heart.  It lasted just a few moments and was gone, but as I left that place, I felt freer, changed, renewed.   I believe it was a Holy Moment. God ministered to me right there on that rock with a fresh wind from heaven. 

Maybe if we spend more time looking for God and less at the craziness around us, we will begin to experience more Holy Moments in our lives.  And maybe the heaviness of this year will be lifted, and we will be forever changed for the better in spite of what is going on in our world. I think these Holy Moments are just as important and life-changing for us now as they were for these folks then. Maybe not on a grand scale, but on a heart scale in our every day walks with God.  He is always near, the Holy Spirit is always working in those who belong to Jesus. But maybe we should pause in the ordinary and experience the extraordinary and let it cleanse and refresh us.

I think now more than ever we need to lean in close. Read and pray like never before.  We need to be strong in our faith, and confident in His word and promises. Sometimes our Holy Moments are so small that we can almost miss them by the distractions of this world. Take time to look for them and really enjoy them when they come. I know I will!

2 thoughts on “Holy Moments

  1. Good Afternoon. I came upon your post through my WP reader.

    As I read I was greatly encouraged by our Father’s Spirit. Your testimony is beautiful in how it/you exalt Him and bear witness to your faith.

    Your sunroom experience today with Your Beloved and beloved sounded peaceful and peace-giving. I rejoice with you for His answer to prayer.

    I too have had Holy moments with our Father. They are gifts that I return to and receive much encouragement and strength from. In my personal experience, the more I live a life of devotion the more I experience Holy moments with Him.

    I’m thankful to have met you.



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